Who We Are

About Third Foundation

After a professional career spanning 38 years with two Big-Four accounting firms, Gordon Gunn formed Third Foundation Consulting to focus his experience on excellence in non-profit and public sector management.

“I was trained in the corporate world, where the pursuit of profit was the key driver for organizational performance. In 1988, I shifted my client focus to organizations with a public mandate for service delivery. I learned that non-profit and public sector organizations are significant contributors to our social well-being and that working with these organizations provided me with excellent opportunities to be of service in my community.”

Third Foundation Consulting can assist your organization with the development of strategy and implementation of management best practices, and with the evaluation and review of management and governance processes.

Gordon Gunn
President & Principal Consultant

Gordon is a Principal Consultant with Third Foundation Consulting, a consulting practice focused on excellence in non-profit and public sector management. He attended the University of Victoria and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Economics in 1978. Since then, Gordon worked for 38 years with two Big Four audit and consulting firms, gaining significant experience in accounting, auditing and management consulting, and since 1988 has concentrated on providing services to the non-profit and public sectors in British Columbia. Gordon specializes in strategic planning, performance management, program evaluation, risk assessments, enterprise risk management, governance and information technology strategic planning. He has facilitated business and strategic planning sessions for numerous organizations.